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   There is not a lot to say about the beginning of this series. I was getting a lot of people coming up and saying, “wow your work has a Warhol feel to it”. I feel that it’s a great compliment to be compared to famous artists especially a crazy quirky one like Warhol but it also makes you feel a bit cheap, like you copied somebodies style or ideas.

So here it is. What didn't Warhol use as a style? He used screen printing, photography, ink, paint, paper, canvas, block print, every style know at the time, everything. So what out there is not Warhol Like? If we use a color similar to Warhol are we copying his style, or is it the screen print process?

Andy Warhol used to stand and look artwork by Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns and think he could never make the impact that they made, with Warhol being a simple graphic designer at the time. He worked hard to fit into the style he liked and directly took inspiration from artists he liked.

Warhol found a style he loved and went with it. He used other peoples photos and altered them, something today that is frowned upon and illegal in most instances. He used very similar styles to many of his fellow artists and his first big hit was a soup can directly copied from Campbells.

Warhol to me is an inspiration in his use of what was around him, and adapting to the moment. He created and managed the image of the artist like nobody in his time. He made artists cool and hip.

It is OK to absorb the things we see, its human nature. Not all art has to be groundbreaking and world changing. I certainly don't go out looking for styles and looks I want in my art. It is all a lifetime of absorbing the artists I saw growing up. I love Warhol for himself or at least the man he put forth to the world. His art inspired some of my work Im sure and he remains very relevant in our time.



With gallery exhibits in San Francisco California, Miami Florida, Los Angeles, New York NY, Dallas Texas, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Oakland, The Bay Area Sean Murdock is taking over the country state by state.